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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2016I hear you eat and speak: automatic recognition of eating condition and food type, use-cases, and impact on ASR performanceHantke, S; Weninger, F; Kurle, R; Ringeval, F; Batliner, A, et al
1966I) The synthesis of optically active thiols and related compounds ; and, 2) The oxidation of some thiocarbonatesAnisuzzaman, Abul Kashem Mohammad
1963I, Some mixed oxide systems containing titanium. II, An x-ray structural study of antimony tetroxideSkapski, Andrzej Czeslaw
5-Dec-2016I-branched N-glycans negatively regulate melanoma growth and insulin-like growth factor receptor signalingSweeney, JG; Liang, J; Antonopoulos, A; Giovannone, N; Schaffer, L, et al
1962I. Attempted separation of nitrogen isotopes by chemical exchange ; II. Study of residence-time by chemical reactionsSkoczylas, Henry
31-Jan-2013IAMhaggler2011: A Gaussian Process Regression Based Negotiation AgentWilliams, CR; Robu, V; Gerding, EH; Jennings, NR
4-Nov-2011IAMhaggler: A Negotiation Agent for Complex EnvironmentsWilliams, CR; Robu, V; Gerding, EH; Jennings, NR
1-Jan-2008IAMwildCAT: The Winning Strategy for the TAC Market Design CompetitionVytelingum, P; Vetsikas, I; Shi, B; Jennings, N
24-Feb-2015IARC Monographs: 40 Years of Evaluating Carcinogenic Hazards to HumansPearce, N; Blair, A; Vineis, P; Ahrens, W; Andersen, A, et al
6-Sep-2016Ibuprofen arginate retains eNOS substrate activity and reverses endothelial dysfunction: implications for the COX-2/ADMA axisKirkby, NS; Tesfai, A; Ahmetaj-Shala, B; Gashaw, H; Sampaio, W, et al
16-Mar-1998Ice Crust Thickness and Internal Composition of EuropaGhail, RC
22-Mar-2017Ice formation within a thin film flowing over a flat plateMoore, MR; Mughal, MS; Papageorgiou, DT
15-Jun-2016ICEApl1, an integrative conjugative element related to ICEHin1056, identified in the pig pathogen Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniaeBosse, JT; Li, Y; Fernandez Crespo, R; Chaudhuri, RR; Rogers, J, et al
Nov-2012‘Ich lebe in einem Vexierbild. Ich bilde mich aus und heraus für ein Vexierleben.’—Erich Fried—Jew, humanist, socialist—a study of opposing and complementary aspects of his identity as reflected in his workElrick, Manya
1-Jan-2013iCharibot : Design and Field Trials of a Fundraising RobotSarabia, M; Le Mau, T; Soh, H; Naruse, S; Poon, C, et al
1974Ichnology of visean sandstones in Northwestern Ireland : a study of trace fossils in their palaeoecological and sedimentological contextChandra, Avinash
2008Icing on the Implied Volatility CakeYang, Fan
31-Dec-2002Idea transfer and company constraints in the design of a two-seater sports carAtkins, RD; Kennedy Ping, R; Childs, PRN
Apr-2014Identifiability of link metrics in communication networks: Theory and algorithm designsMa, Liang