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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006"M and A in Luxury Goods Sector: Motives, Methods and Madness?"Zhang, Qing Yan
Sep-2009M&A and ValuationPrencipe, Luigi
2010M&A in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry: A post transaction analysis of the Yamanouchi and Fujisawa merger (2005)Yoshida, Yoko
2013M-PESA; a successful service built on consumer insights & behaviorThakrar, Shyamolae
31-Dec-2014MAC-centric cross-layer collaboration: a case study on physical-layer network codingSong, Q; Guo, L; Wang, F; Wang, S; Jamalipour, A
1973The macaque monkey : a model for the investigation of adrenocortical steroid metabolism in manSetchell, Kenneth David Reginald
1971The maceration of tissues and killing of cells by Erwinia carotovora and Corticium praticolaHall, Josephine Ann
1-Jan-2007Machine learned regression for abductive DNA sequencingThornley, D; Zverev, M; Petridis, S
Mar-2016Machine learning applications in generative designReed, Kate
2015Machine Learning Approaches to Credit Risk ModellingBayed, Sofian
Sep-2014Machine learning for automatic analysis of affective behaviourNicolaou, Michael (Mihalis)
Aug-2016Machine learning for efficient recognition of anatomical structures and abnormalities in biomedical imagesXie, Zhongliu
Oct-2012Machine learning for image-based classification of Alzheimer's diseaseGray, Katherine Rachel
20-Mar-2015Machine learning for the automatic localisation of foetal body parts in cine-MRI scansBowles, C; Nowlan, NC; Hayat, TTA; Malamateniou, C; Rutherford, M, et al
30-Sep-2006Machine Learning in Basecalling - Decoding trace peak behaviourThornley, D; Petridis, S
16-Jan-2017Machine learning of three-dimensional right ventricular motion predicts outcome in pulmonary hypertension: a cardiac MR imaging studyDawes, T; Simoes monteiro de marvao, A; Shi, W; Fletcher, T; Watson, G, et al
Dec-2013Machine Learning Techniques for Automated Analysis of Facial ExpressionsRudovic, Ognjen
25-Jul-2015Machine-assisted Cyber Threat Analysis using Conceptual Knowledge DiscoveryBarrere Cambrun, M; BETARTE, G; CODOCEDO, V; RODRIGUEZ, M; ASTUDILLO, H, et al
2-Sep-2015Machine-learning to characterise neonatal functional connectivity in the preterm brainBall, G; Aljabar, P; Arichi, T; Tusor, N; Cox, D, et al
Sep-2008The Machining of PolymersPatel, Yatish