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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-2016P- and S-wave delays caused by thermal plumesMaguire, R; Ritsema, J; Van Keken, PE; Fichtner, A; Goes, S
-P-adic L-functions of Bianchi modular formsWilliams, CD
Aug-2014p-adic Langlands functorialityLudwig, Judith
1986p-adic number theory and its applications in a cryptographic formGorgui-Naguib, Raouf N.
22-Apr-2013p-channel thin-film transistors based on spray-coated Cu2O filmsPattanasattayavong, P; Thomas, S; Adamopoulos, G; McLachlan, MA; Anthopoulos, TD
1970P-d scattering and the bound state.Dhara, Madhusudan
1965P-N junctions in intermetallic semiconductorsBarber, Herbert Douglas
21-Jan-2016P-type semiconductor surfactant modified zinc oxide nanorods for hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cellsBen Dkhil, S; Gaceur, M; Dachraoui, W; Hannani, D; Fall, S, et al
21-Jul-2016p-Value combiners for graphical modelling of EEG data in thefrequency domainSchneider-Luftman, D
11-Nov-2015P2Y12 receptor blockade synergises strongly with nitric oxide and prostacyclin to inhibit platelet activation.Chan, MV; Knowles, RB; Lundberg, MH; Tucker, AT; Mohamed, NA, et al
1-Dec-2016P311 induces the transdifferentiation of epidermal stem cells to myofibroblast-like cells by stimulating transforming growth factor β1 expressionTakata, M; Li, H; Yao, Z; He, W; Gao, H, et al
20-Nov-2012P38 and JNK have opposing effects on persistence of in vivo leukocyte migration in zebrafishTaylor, HB; Liepe, J; Barthen, C; Bugeon, L; Huvet, M, et al
9-Jun-2011p53 Gene Repair with Zinc Finger Nucleases Optimised by Yeast 1-Hybrid and Validated by Solexa SequencingHerrmann, F; Garriga-Canut, M; Baumstark, R; Fajardo-Sanchez, E; Cotterell, J, et al
29-Mar-2016p53 loss in MYC-driven neuroblastoma leads to metabolic adaptations supporting radioresistanceYogev, O; Barker, K; Sikka, A; Almeida, GS; Hallsworth, A, et al
2011p53, a Novel Inhibitor of ApoptosisChee, Lai Yuen
27-Jun-2016p62/SQSTM1 enhances breast cancer stem-like properties by stabilizing MYC mRNAXu, LZ; Li, SS; Zhou, W; Kang, ZJ; Zhang, QX, et al
20-Dec-2014Pabble: parameterised ScribbleNg, N; Yoshida, N
1982Packet and circuit-switched data networksClarke, P. N.
1986Packet-switched voice and its application to integrated voice / data networksHagirahim, Hassan
2011Packing Characteristics of Different Shaped Proppants for use with Hydrofracing - A Numerical Investigation using 3D FEMDEMLow, Chern Zherng