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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011V0 production ratios at LHCb and the alignment of its RICH detectorsBlanks, Christopher George
26-Jun-2013Vaccinating Girls and Boys with Different Human Papillomavirus Vaccines: Can It Optimise Population-Level Effectiveness?Drolet, M; Boily, M-C; Van de Velde, N; Franco, EL; Brisson, M
17-Nov-2015Vaccination with Recombinant Microneme Proteins Confers Protection against Experimental Toxoplasmosis in MicePinzan, CF; Sardinha-Silva, A; Almeida, F; Lai, L; Lopes, CD, et al
23-Oct-2015Vaccine approaches to malaria control and elimination: Insights from mathematical modelsWhite, MT; Verity, R; Churcher, TS; Ghani, AC
Jan-2006Vaccine supply chain optimisationTsang, King Hei
18-Dec-2016Vaccines in the prevention of viral pneumoniaFraser, CS; Jha, A; Openshaw, PJM
2011Vaccinia protein C16 blocks innate immune sensing of DNA by binding the Ku complexPeters, Nicholas Edward
1-Feb-2010Vaccinia protein F12 has structural similarity to kinesin light chain and contains a motor binding motif required for virion export.Morgan, GW; Hollinshead, M; Ferguson, BJ; Murphy, BJ; Carpentier, DC, et al
2009Vaccinia virus protein A40 is an immunomodulatorJarmin, Susan Anne
2010Vaccinia virus protein B14, an inhibitor of NF-κB activation, and its counterpart in MVAMcCoy, Laura Ellen
Dec-2012Vaccinia virus protein C4 is an inhibitor of NF-κB activation and contributes to virulenceEmber, Stuart William John
2011Vaccinia virus protein C6 modulates innate immunity and contributes to virulenceSumner, Rebecca Pamela
14-Apr-2001Vacuum Energy Densities and Multiplicative Anomalies in a Free Bose GasEvans, TS
23-Jun-2015Vacuum fluctuations in theories with deformed dispersion relationsArzano, M; Gubitosi, G; Magueijo, J; Amelino-Camelia, G
1986The vacuum ultra violet spectrum of laser excited bariumKent, Lionel William John
24-Feb-2016Vaginal progesterone prophylaxis for preterm birth (the OPPTIMUM study): a multicentre, randomised, double-blind trialNorman, JE; Marlow, N; Messow, CM; Shennan, A; Bennett, PR, et al
23-Feb-2016“Vaginal seeding” of infants born by Caesarean section. How should health professionals engage with this increasingly popular but unproven practice?Cunnington, A; Sim, K; Deierl, A; Kroll, JS; Brannigan, E, et al
9-May-2013Valacyclovir in the treatment of acute retinal necrosisTaylor, SRJ; Hamilton, R; Hooper, CY; Joshi, L; Morarji, J, et al
4-Apr-2016Valence-band electronic structure evolution of graphene oxide upon thermal annealing for optoelectronicsMattevi, C; Yuji Takakuwa, YT
18-Jun-2013Validating a Coarse-Grained Potential Energy Function through Protein Loop ModellingMacDonald, JT; Kelley, LA; Freemont, PS