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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2006A micropower vision processor for parallel object positioning and sizingConstandinou, TG; Toumazou, C
1-Feb-2004Characterisation of iron-rich sludge: correlations between reactivity, density and structureGeorgaki, I; Dudeney, AWL; Monhemius, AJ
2-Jan-2009Disinfection of waterborne coliform bacteria by Neem oilMatthews, RL; Templeton, MR; Tripathi, SK; Bhattarai, K
1-Jan-2009UV dose-response of Acinetobacter baumannii in waterTempleton, MR; Antonakaki, M; Rogers, M
1-Jan-2009Chlorine and UV disinfection of ampicillin-resistant and trimethoprim-resistant Escherichia coliTempleton, MR; Oddy, F; Leung, WK; Rogers, M
1-Jan-2007Removal of particle-associated bacteriophages by dual-media filtration at different filter cycle stages and impacts on subsequent UV disinfectionTempleton, MR; Andrews, RC; Hofmann, R
26-Apr-2007Tsunami hazard scenarios in the Adriatic Sea domainPaulatto, M; Pinat, T; Romanelli, F
Sep-2009Galerkin projection of discrete fields via supermesh constructionFarrell, Patrick E.
18-Nov-2008Brian: a simulator for spiking neural networks in pythonGoodman, D; Brette, R
15-Sep-2009The brian simulatorGoodman, DF; Brette, R