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13-Feb-2015Characterization, Modeling, and Analysis of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes With Different StructuresChen, HT; Choy, WCH; Hui, SY
2-Nov-2016Strain rate dependency of fractures of immature boneCheong, VS; Karunaratne, A; Amis, AA; Bull, AMJ
5-Oct-2016Democratizing Neurorehabilitation: How Accessible are Low-Cost Mobile-Gaming Technologies for Self-Rehabilitation of Arm Disability in Stroke?Rinne, P; Mace, M; Nakornchai, T; Zimmerman, K; Fayer, S, et al
Sep-2012The effect of specific additives on the lubrication efficiency of IF-WS2 nanoparticle suspensionsKratky, Ales
8-Apr-2016Using archetypes to create user panels for usability studies: Streamlining focus groups and user studiesStavrakos, SK; Ahmed-Kristensen; Goldman
9-Jun-2016Linear Transmission of Composite Gaussian Measurements over a Fading Channel under Delay ConstraintsTan, O; Gunduz, D; Gomez-Vilardebo, J
1-Nov-2015Clinical and inflammatory characteristics of the European U-BIOPRED adult severe asthma cohortShaw, DE; Sousa, AR; Fowler, SJ; Fleming, LJ; Roberts, G, et al
15-Jun-2015Analysis of Customers' Performance in Industrial & Commercial Demand Side Response TrialsUstinova, T; Woolf, M; Ortega Calderon, JE; Bilton, M; O'Brien, H, et al
Nov-2015Macroscopic and microscopic investigation of spin reorientation of iron tinHeritage, Kevin
21-Jul-2015Consensus statement from the 2014 International Microdialysis Forum.Hutchinson, PJ; Jalloh, I; Helmy, A; Carpenter, KL; Rostami, E, et al