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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2016Use of vibratory shear enhanced processing to treat magnetic ion exchange concentrate: A techno-economic analysisLeong, J; Tan, J; Heitz, A; Ladewig, BP
10-Mar-2016Measuring vapour pressure with an isoteniscope - a hands-on introduction to thermodynamic conceptsBrechtelsbauer, C; Haslam, A; Shah, U; Macey, A; Chen, W
5-Feb-2016Light and Strong SiC NetworksFerraro, C; Garcia-Tuñon, E; Rocha, VG; Barg, S; Fariñas, MD, et al
12-Oct-2015Ordered growth of vanadyl phthalocyanine (VOPc) on an iron phthalocyanine (FePc) monolayerRochford, LA; Ramadan, AJ; Woodruff, DP; Heutz, S; Jones, TS
14-Jan-2016Theory and simulation of DNA-Coated colloids: a guide for rational designBf Angioletti-Uberti, S; Mognetti, BM; Frenkel, D
23-Jun-2014Poly(gamma-glutamic acid)/Silica Hybrids with Calcium Incorporated in the Silica Network by Use of a Calcium Alkoxide PrecursorPoologasundarampillai, G; Yu, B; Tsigkou, O; Wang, D; Romer, F, et al
15-Jan-2016Hybrid polymer/MOF membranes for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN): chemical modification and the quest for perfectionCampbell, J; Burgal, JDS; Szekely, G; Davies, RP; Braddock, DC, et al
13-Feb-2016Inkjet Printing and Nanoindentation of Porous Alumina MultilayersChen, Z; Brandon, N
18-Jun-2015ZnO nanorod arrays as electron injection layers for efficient organic light emitting diodesFaria, JCD; Campbell, AJ; McLachlan, MA
14-Mar-2017Theory of ionization potentials of nonmetallic solidsKumagai, Y; Butler, KT; Walsh, A; Oba, F