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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016Anode Fabrication for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Electroless and Electrodeposition of Nickel and Silver into Doped Ceria ScaffoldsJamil, Z; Ruiz-Trejo, E; Boldrin, P; Brandon, N
27-Feb-2012Soaking of pine wood chips with ionic liquids for reduced energy input during grindingBrandt, A; Erickson, JK; Hallett, JP; Murphy, RJ; Potthast, A, et al
10-Feb-2014Extended scale for the hydrogen-bond basicity of ionic liquidsClaudio, AFM; Swift, L; Hallett, JP; Welton, T; Coutinho, JAP, et al
9-Jan-2014Fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass with the ionic liquid 1-butylimidazolium hydrogen sulfateVerdia, P; Brandt, A; Hallett, JP; Ray, MJ; Welton, T
13-Jun-2016Simultaneously tough and conductive rubber–graphene–epoxy nanocompositesLim, YJ; Carolan, D; Taylor, AC
6-Jun-2016Significant metal enhanced fluorescence of Ag2S quantum dots in the second near-infrared windowTheodorou, IG; Jawad, Z; Qin, H; Aboagye, EO; Porter, A, et al
3-Dec-2015Electrical manipulation of ferromagnetic NiFe by antiferromagnetic IrMnTshitoyan, V; Ciccarelli, C; Mihai, AP; Ali, M; Irvine, AC, et al
1-May-2016Anode fabrication for solid oxide fuel cells: Electroless and electrodeposition of nickel and silver into doped ceria scaffoldsJamil, Z; Ruiz-Trejo, E; Boldrin, P; Brandon, NP
19-Jul-2016Bridging the gap between modules in isolation and as part of networks: a systems framework for elucidating interaction and regulation of signalling modulesMenon, G; Krishnan, J
6-Jul-2016Graphene nanoplatelet-modified epoxy: Effect of aspect ratio and surface functionality on mechanical properties and toughening mechanismsChong, HM; Hinder, SJ; Taylor, AC