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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Multivariate detection of transient disturbances for Uni- and multirate systemsCecílio, IM; Ottewill, JR; Fretheim, H; Thornhill, NF
1-Jan-2002Principal component analysis of spectra with application to acoustic emissions from mechanical equipmentTan, CC; Thornhill, NF; Belchamber, RM
1-Jun-2004The impact of compression on data-driven process analysesThornhill, NF; Choudhury, MAAS; Shah, SL
29-Aug-2007Nearest neighbors methods for root cause analysis of plantwide disturbancesBauer, M; Cox, JW; Caveness, MH; Downs, JJ; Thornhill, NF
20-Jun-1999Near-infrared spectroscopy for bioprocess monitoring and controlYeung, KSY; Hoare, M; Thornhill, NF; Williams, T; Vaghjiani, JD
1-May-2005Finding the source of nonlinearity in a process with plant-wide oscillationThornhill, NF
29-Aug-2014Derivation of diagnostic models based on formalized process knowledgeArroyo, E; Schulze, D; Christiansen, L; Fay, A; Thornhill, NF
12-Jan-2001Time series reconstruction from quantized measurementsWang, M; Saleem, S; Thornhill, NF
29-Aug-2014Model predictive control for power system frequency control taking into account imbalance uncertaintyErsdal, AM; Fabozzi, D; Imsland, L; Thornhill, NF
1-Jan-2014Preprocessing of raw data for developing steady-state data-driven models for optimizing compressor stationsXenos, DP; Thornhill, NF; Cicciotti, M; Bouaswaig, AEF