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1-Jun-20161964-P: PAS-domain containing protein kinase (PASK) is required for the regulation of food intake and glucose homeostasisMondragon, A; Hodson, D; Semplici, F; Mikami, T; Ishii, R, et al
11-Jan-20112-Substituted-2,3-dihydro-1H-quinolin-4-ones via Acid-Catalyzed Tandem Rupe Rearrangement-Donnelly-Farrell Ring Closure of 2-(3 '-Hydroxypropynyl)anilinesPisaneschi, F; Sejberg, JJP; Blain, C; Ng, WH; Aboagye, EO, et al
10-Nov-20093D flow reconstruction using ultrasound PIVPoelma, C; Mari, JM; Foin, N; Tang, MX; Krams, R, et al
-3D Printed microvascular clamps: A safe, cheap and effective instrumentation for microsurgery trainingChatzimichail, S; Papavasiliou, T; Pafitanis, G
1-Jul-2020A Bayesian mixture modelling approach for public health surveillanceBoulieri, A; Bennett, JE; Blangiardo, M; , et al
23-Apr-2020A biochemical comparison of the lung, colonic, brain, renal, and ovarian cancer cell lines using 1H-NMR spectroscopyHu, C; Liu, Z; Zhao, H; Wu, L; Lian, Q, et al
1-Oct-2020A biomechanical confirmation of the relationship between critical shoulder angle (CSA) and articular joint loadingVillatte, G; Van der Kruk, E; Asim, B; Zumstein, M; Moor, B, et al
21-Apr-2021A case series of patients with isolated IgG4-related hypophysitis treated with rituximabBoharoon, H; Tomlinson, J; Limback-Stanic, C; Gontsarova, A; Martin, N, et al
20-Nov-2017A clinical prediction model to identify patients at high risk of hemodynamic instability in the pediatric intensive care unit.Potes, C; Conroy, B; Xu-Wilson, M; Newth, C; Inwald, D, et al
Jun-2020A comprehensive hospital agile preparedness (CHAPs) tool for pandemic preparedness, based on the COVID-19 experienceAdelaja, I; Sayma, M; Walton, H; McLachlan, G; De Boisanger, J, et al
4-May-2012A conserved histone deacetylase with a role in the regulation of cytokinesis in Schizosaccharomyces pombeGrewal, C; Hickmott, J; Rentas, S; Karagiannis, J
12-Jun-2017A decision-theoretical perspective on bioequivalenceLongford, NT
Aug-2019A dedicated high‐quality service for the management of patients with an inherited risk of colorectal cancerAdams, LK; Qiu, S; Hunt, AK; Monahan, KJ
1-Mar-2020A degradatory fate for CCR4 suggests a primary role in Th2 inflammationAnderson, C; Patel, P; Viney, J; Phillips, R; Solari, R, et al
27-Sep-2011A Differential Network Approach to Exploring Differences between Biological States: An Application to PrediabetesValcarcel, B; Wurtz, P; al Basatena, N-KS; Tukiainen, T; Kangas, AJ, et al
10-Sep-2020A digital health intervention for cardiovascular disease management in primary care (CONNECT) randomized controlled trialRedfern, J; Coorey, G; Mulley, J; Scaria, A; Neubeck, L, et al
3-Mar-2020A dual-sensing thermo-chemical ISFET array for DNA-based diagnostics.Cacho-Soblechero, M; Malpartida-Cardenas, K; Cicatiello, C; Rodriguez-Manzano, J; Georgiou, P
-A feasibility study of metabolic phenotyping of dried blood spot specimens in rural Chinese women exposed to household air pollutionLoo, RL; Lu, Q; Carter, E; Liu, S; Clark, S, et al
12-Aug-2020A four-step strategy for handling missing outcome data in randomised trials affected by a pandemicCro, S; Morris, TP; Kahan, BC; Cornelius, VR; Carpenter, JR
1-Jan-2006A framework for dialogue detection in moviesKotti, M; Kotropoulos, C; Ziòlko, B; Pitas, I; Moschou, V
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1479