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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-May-2011The Potential Contribution of Mass Treatment to the Control of Plasmodium falciparum MalariaOkell, LC; Griffin, JT; Kleinschmidt, I; Hollingsworth, TD; Churcher, TS, et al
23-Sep-2014Prostate cancer cell malignancy via modulation of HIF-1 alpha pathway with isoflurane and propofol alone and in combinationHuang, H; Benzonana, LL; Zhao, H; Watts, HR; Perry, NJS, et al
28-Apr-2011Innate immunity and monocyte-macrophage activation in atherosclerosisShalhoub, J; Falck-Hansen, MA; Davies, AH; Monaco, C
24-May-2011Monitoring trends in HIV prevalence among young people, aged 15 to 24 years, in Manicaland, ZimbabweMarsh, KA; Nyamukapa, CA; Donnelly, CA; Garcia-Calleja, JM; Mushati, P, et al
7-Apr-2011Alcohol attributable burden of incidence of cancer in eight European countries based on results from prospective cohort studySchuetze, M; Boeing, H; Pischon, T; Rehm, J; Kehoe, T, et al
19-Oct-2016The multiple aims of pay-for-performance and the risk of unintended consequencesFriebel, R; Steventon, A
8-Aug-2016A novel methodology for in vivo endoscopic phenotyping of colorectal cancer based on real-time analysis of the mucosal lipidome: a prospective observational study of the iKnifeAlexander, J; Gildea, L; Balog, J; Speller, A; McKenzie, J, et al
11-Aug-2015LSD enhances the emotional response to music.Kaelen, M; Barrett, FS; Roseman, L; Lorenz, R; Family, N, et al
1-Feb-2003Ciguatera poisoning in VanuatuGoodman, A; Williams, TN; Maitland, K
4-Oct-2010Mapping HIV/STI behavioural surveillance in EuropeDubois-Arber, F; Jeannin, A; Spencer, B; Gervasoni, J-P; Graz, B, et al