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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-2015Access to primary care and the route of emergency admission to hospital: retrospective analysis of national hospital administrative dataCowling, TE; Harris, M; Watt, H; Soljak, M; Richards, E, et al
1-Aug-2018Reorganisation of stroke care and impact on mortality in patients admitted during weekends: a national descriptive study based on administrative dataBalinskaite, V; Bottle, A; Shaw, LJ; Majeed, A; Aylin, P, et al
1-Aug-2016Emerging trends and risk factors for perianal surgery in Crohn's disease: a 20-year national population-based cohort studyChhaya, V; Saxena, S; Cecil, E; Subramanian, V; Curcin, V, et al
29-May-2017A bespoke mobile application for the longitudinal assessment of depression and mood during pregnancy: protocol of a feasibility studyMarcano Belisario, JS; Doherty, K; O'Donoghue, J; Ramchandani, P; Majeed, A, et al
22-Jan-2018Seven day access to NHS primary care: how does England compare with Europe?Rosenberg-Wohl, S; Greenfield, G; Majeed, A; Hayhoe, B; National Institute for Health Research
1-Jul-2017Changing nationwide patterns in UK admissions for medical therapy, surgery, lower gi endoscopy and anti-tnf infusions for inflammatory bowel disease between 2003-2013Ahmad, A; Laverty, A; Alexakis, C; Cowling, T; Saxena, S, et al
3-Mar-2017A suspected viral rash in pregnancyHolmes, AH; Carruthers, J; Majeed, A; National Institute for Health Research; National Institute for Health Research
24-Nov-2016Preventing delayed diagnosis of cancer: clinicians’ views on main problems and solutionsTudor Car, L; Papachristou, N; Urch, C; Majeed, A; El-Khatib, M, et al
16-Nov-2016Identification of priorities for improvement of medication safety in primary care: a PRIORITIZE studyTudor Car, L; Papachristou, N; Gallagher, J; Samra, R; Wazny, K, et al
26-Mar-2015Impact of 'stretch' targets for cardiovascular disease management within a local pay-for-performance programmePape, UJ; Huckvale, K; Car, J; Majeed, A; Millett, C, et al