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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-201707.06: Numerical determination of plastic collapse loads for sections under concentrated transverse forcesDos Santos, GB; Gardner, L; Kucukler, M
1-Jan-200919th century London dust-yards: A case study in closed-loop resource efficiencyVelis, CA; Wilson, DC; Cheeseman, CR
4-Feb-20153D imaging of cement-based materials at submicron resolution by combining laser scanning confocal microscopy with serial sectioningYio, MHN; Mac, MJ; Wong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
16-Sep-20163D Monte Carlo simulation of backscattered electron signal variation across pore-solid boundaries in cement-based materialsYio, MHN; Wong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
12-Apr-20163D Pore Structure Characterisation of Blended Cement Pastes using Laser Scanning Confocal MicroscopyYio, MHN; Wong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
-A 1H NMR relaxometry investigation of gel-pore drying shrinkage in cement pastesGartner, EM; Gajewicz, AM; Kang, K; McDonald, PJ; Yermakou, V
25-Jun-2014A 3-Dimensional hysteretic soil-water retention curveTsiampousi, A; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM
22-Nov-2017A 3D mesoscale damage-plasticity approach for masonry structures under cyclic loadingMinga, E; Macorini, L; Izzuddin, BA
25-Sep-2015A 4-Node Co-Rotational Quadrilateral Composite Shell ElementLi, ZX; Zheng, T; Vu-Quoc, L; Izzuddin, BA
7-Mar-2015A 6-node co-rotational triangular elasto-plastic shell elementLi, Z; Xiang, Y; Izzuddin, BA; Vu-Quoc, L; Zhuo, X, et al
24-Apr-2015A bi-level model of dynamic traffic signal control with continuum approximationHan, K; Sun, Y; Liu, H; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
1-Jan-2015A case study on the seismic performance of earth damsPelecanos, L; Kontoe, S; Zdravkovic, L
1-Sep-2012A cnoidal approximation wave theorySobey, RJ
28-Oct-2016A comparative analysis of ecosystem services valuation approaches for application at the local scale and in data scarce regionsPandeya, B; Buytaert, W; Zulkafli, Z; Karpouzoglou, T; Mao, F, et al
5-Oct-2015A Comparative Analysis of TRMM-Rain Gauge Data Merging Techniques at the Daily Time Scale for Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Modeling ApplicationsNerini, D; Zulkafli, Z; Wang, L-P; Onof, C; Buytaert, W, et al
7-Sep-2014A comparative study of orthotropic and isotropic bone adaptation in the femur.Geraldes, DM; Phillips, AT
9-Jun-2017A comparative study of production of glass microspheres by using thermal processLee, MY; Tan, J; Heng, JYY; Cheeseman, C
13-Sep-2017A comparison of line-sources of buoyancy placed near and far from a wallParker, D; Burridge, HC; Partridge, J; Linden, P
1-Jul-2009A comparison of the role of two blue-green algae in THM and HAA formationHuang, J; Graham, N; Templeton, MR; Zhang, Y; Collins, C, et al
18-Mar-2017A computational strategy to establish algebraic parameters for the Reference Resistance Design of metal shell structuresSadowski, AJ; Fajuyitan, OK; Wang, J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1213
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