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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2008Towards the Synthesis of Amphidinolides C, F and UArmstrong, Alan; Pyrkotis, Constantina;
Dec-2009Carbon nanotube grafted fibres: a route to advanced hierarchical compositesShaffer, Milo; Qian, Hui
Dec-2009Total synthesis of alkyl citrate and resorcylate natural productsBarrett, Anthony; Calo, Frederick
Jun-2009Myristoyl CoA:Protein N-Myristoyl Transferase: A Target for a Novel Antimalarial DrugMeier, Franziska
Sep-2008De Novo Synthesis of PhenolsCraig, Donald; Johns, Stephen Christopher
Jul-2008Recombination dynamics in polythiophene:fullerene solar cellsDurrant, James; Shuttle, Christopher G
Jun-2009Transannular Claisen Rearrangements of α-Sulfonyl LactonesCraig, Donald; Gore, Sophie
Sep-2009Investigations of phospholipid/cholesterol and cholesterol derivative interactions in model membranesMagee, Tony; Seddon, John; Trevenen, Alexandra H;
Jul-2009Biophysical Studies of SNARE Protein- Membrane InteractionsTempler, Richard; Freemont, Paul; Ces, Oscar; Turner, Christina Elizabeth;
2008Multi-Dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy for Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Studies of Cell SignalingFrench, Paul; Katan, Matilda; Neil, Mark; Grant, David Mitchell;