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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Deconstruction of biomass in ionic liquids: reactivity of celluloseWelton, Tom; Hallett, Jason P.; Shikh Zahari, Shikh Mohd Shahrul Nizan;
Dec-2015Monitoring protein structure and dynamics by optical proteomics: applications of site-specific labelling of FGFR in vitroTate, Ed; Katan, Matilda; French, Paul; Dunsby, Chris; Perdios, Louis, et al
Jun-2015Investigating quantum Monte Carlo methods in Slater determinant basesBearpark, Michael; Thom, Alexander; Vigor, William Andrew;
Sep-2015Studies towards the biomimetic synthesis of resorcylic acid lactonesBarrett, Anthony; Cookson, Rosa Ellen;
Jul-2015Calculating excited states of condensed matterHarrison, Nicholas; Webster, Ross;
May-2015Strategies for the synthesis of oxetanes as desirable fragments for drug discoveryBull, James; Morgan, Kate Frances;
Jun-2015The coordination chemistry and catalytic applications of nitrogen-centred triphosphine ligandsLong, Nicholas; Miller, Philip; Phanopoulos, Andreas
Jun-2015Dual-modal imaging agents for zinc ion sensingLong, Nicholas; Rivas, Charlotte
Jun-2015Fluorescence studies of the interactions of amyloid-β with metal ions and lipidsYing, Liming; Barahona, Mauricio; Barter, Laura; Branch, Thomas
Apr-2015Methods for enhancing the yield and performance of organic solar cellsde Mello, John; Pang, Ai Lin Christina;