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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2020Structural and dynamical analysis of ionic liquids in electric fieldsWelton, Thomas; Edel, Joshua; Kuimova, Marina; McIntosh, Alastair; Clark, Ryan Ashley Arthur
Jan-2020Directed, meta-selective C–H functionalisation of aryl boronic acid MIDA estersSpivey, Alan; Williams, Alexander;
May-2020Impact of phosphorus ligand modification on transition metal coordination and homogeneous carbonylation catalysisBritovsek, George; van Meurs, Martin; Tay Wei Peng, Dillon;
May-2020Experimental development of ORC technology for waste heat-to-power conversionMarkides, Christos; Unamba, Chinedu Kingsley
May-2020Ultrafast photophysics and energy losses in emerging photovoltaic materials and devicesBakulin, Artem; Hopper, Thomas Roy;
Nov-2020Synthesis and optoelectronic properties of electron accepting materials in organic photovoltaicsHeeney, Martin; He, Qiao
Sep-2020Kinase substrate identification using photoactive unnatural amino acids in a live cell environmentArmstrong, Alan; Mann, David; Schneider, Michael; Karpov, Oleg Aleksandrovich;
Feb-2020Charge carrier dynamics and water oxidation photoelectrochemical performance of bismuth vanadateKafizas, Andreas; Durrant, James; Selim, Shababa;
Jul-2020A spectroscopic study of charge separation in photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting devicesDurrant, James; Moss, Benjamin;
Oct-2020Chemical proteomics approaches for the identification of the targets of small molecule inflammasome inhibitorsTate, Edward; Shenoy, Avinash; Kennedy, Cassandra Ruth;