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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2011Phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins : does the topology and the stored curvature elastic stress of lipid bilayers regulate membrane-association and lipid abstraction?Ces, Oscar; Goehring, Natalia; EPSRC
2011Single cell analysis and cell sorting using microfluidic devices with application to circulating tumour cellsde Mello, Andrew; Ces, Oscar; Klug, David; Kaplinsky, Joseph John; EPSRC
Sep-2009Investigations of phospholipid/cholesterol and cholesterol derivative interactions in model membranesMagee, Tony; Seddon, John; Trevenen, Alexandra H; EPSRC
Nov-2009Transient optical studies of photoinduced charge transfer in semiconductor quantum dot solar cellsHaque, Saif; Durrant, James; Leventis, Henry C.; EPSRC
2009C-Alkyl inositol phosphates for use in receptor-ligand engineeringGaffney, Piers; Swarbrick, Joanna; EPSRC
Oct-2009Site selective labelling of proteins via native chemical ligationLeatherbarrow, Robin; Gaffney, Piers; Rosenberg, Gillian; EPSRC
Sep-2011Metal-mediated intramolecular hydroamination and hydro(acy)alkoxylation reactionsHii, Mimi; Arbour, Jannine Louise; EPSRC
Jan-2005Total Synthesis of (+)-Belactosin AArmstrong, Alan; Scutt, James Nicholas; EPSRC
May-2007The Aminative Rearrangement of Dihydropyrans: A Novel Route to Substituted Proline DerivativesArmstrong, Alan; Schnider, Patrick; Murray, Elizabeth; EPSRC; Roche
Jan-2009Cinchona Alkaloid-Mediated Asymmetric Synthesis of Amino Acids and AziridinesArmstrong, Alan; Jenner, Chloe Rachel; EPSRC