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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Metal-mediated redox manipulations of CO2 and CO towards 11C for PET imagingLong, Nicholas; Anders, David Alexander; Institute of Chemical Biology; Medical Research Council
Aug-2017Diagnosing cancer one cell at a time with single molecule spectroscopyKlug, David; Willison, Keith; Coombes, Charles; Ali, Simak; Magness, Alastair, et al
Nov-2014Investigating inhibitors of the IgE:high affinity receptor protein-protein interactionSpivey, Alan; Leatherbarrow, Robin; Smith, Lucy; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Institute of Chemical Biology
Oct-2014Biophysical and functional studies of potential G-quadruplex motifs from the proximal GATA4 gene promoterVilar, Ramon; Ying, Liming; Schneider, Michael D; Klejevskaja, Beata; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, et al
Sep-2013Investigating Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus 3C Protease Using Ensemble and Single-Molecule Fluorescence TechniquesLeatherbarrow, Robin; Ying, Liming; Maskuniitty, Aino-Maija; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Institute of Chemical Biology
Aug-2012A chemical proteomic approach to investigate Rab prenylation in living systemsSeabra, Miguel; Tate, Ed; Berry, Alexandra Fay Helen; Institute of Chemical Biology
Sep-2013Development of chemical receptors and arrays for the identification of phosphatidylinositol phosphates and other phosphate related anionsVilar, Ramon; Woscholski, Rudiger; Behjat, Emma; Institute of Chemical Biology
Mar-2014Development of metal complexes and affinity tags that interact selectively with G-quadruplex nucleic acidsVilar, Ramon; Mann, David; Stafford, Verity; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Coucil; Institute of Chemical Biology
Apr-2014Using chemical and structural biology to dissect the Plasmodium invasion motor complexTate, Edward; Cota, Ernesto; Douse, Christopher Henry; Institute of Chemical Biology