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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017The acoustics of short circular holes and their damping of thermoacoustic oscillationsMorgans, Aimee; Yang, Dong; Imperial College London
May-2014Active constraints for robotic surgery in deforming tissueRodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando; Bowyer, Stuart; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; European Commission
Mar-2015Adaptive monitoring of health-state and performance of industrial centrifugal compressorsMartinez-Botas, Ricardo; Thornhill, Nina; Cicciotti, Matteo; European Union
2012Advanced damage modelling of free machining steelsBalint, Daniel; Lin, Jianguo; Kaye, Michael; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ; Tata Steel
Mar-2015Advanced lithium-ion battery modelling for automotive applicationsMartinez-Botas, Ricardo F.; Offer, Gregory J.; von Srbik, Marie-Therese; Climate KIC
Oct-2013Advanced methods for multi-row forced response and flutter computationsdi Mare, Luca; Stapelfeldt, Sina Cornelia; Innovate UK; Rolls-Royce Ltd
Jan-2009Advances in Potential Drop Techniques for Non-Destructive TestingCawley, Peter; Lowe, Michael; Sposito, Giuseppe; Research Centre of Non-Destructive Evaluation (RCNDE)
Jul-2012Advancing the damage tolerance of laser beam welded steels using crenellation techniqueNikbin, Kamran; Garwood, Stephen; Davies, Catrin; Eren, Sefika Elvin
Jun-2010Aerodynamic and thermal characterization of turbocharger turbines: experimental and computational evaluationMartinez-Botas, Ricardo; Romagnoli, Alessandro; TSB (Department of Trade and Industry)
Mar-2018Alternative techniques for detection of inaccessible pipe corrosionCawley, Peter; Lowe, Michael; Khalili, Pouyan
Sep-2017The anterolateral structures of the knee and the pivot shiftAmis, Andrew; Gupte, Chinmay; Dodds, Alexander Lascelles; Smith & Nephew plc.
Oct-2013Application of creativity tools to enhance the design of inherently safer urban infrastructureChilds, Peter; Yadrandji Aghdam, Sasan
Oct-2015Application of LES-PDF methods on turbulent reacting flowsNavarro-Martinez, Salvador; Rein, Guillermo; Dodoulas, Ilias
Jun-2010Applications of guided wave propagation on waveguides with irregular cross-sectionLowe, Michael; Fan, Zhang; EPSRC ; Shell ; National Nuclear Laboratory
Sep-2013An approach to the automatic generation of reduced chemical mechanisms using Computational Singular Perturbation (CSP) and Rate-Controlled Constrained Equilibrium (RCCE)Rigopoulos, Stelios; Stefan, Andreea; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Oct-2011Artificial Ageing of Japanese Lacquerware and Comparison of Conservation Treatments for Photodegraded Japanese Lacquer SurfacesTaylor, Ambrose; Charalambides, Maria; Thei, Judith; Arts and Humanities Research Council, Daiwa Foundation, Sasakawa Foundation
Sep-2015Assessment of ultrasonic inspection techniques and models for nuclear power plant componentsLowe, Michael; Gebru, Hezekiah; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jun-2011Automated analysis of non destructive evaluation dataForrest, Andrew; Simonetti, Francesco; Connor, Andrew James; QinetiQ, RCNDE and EPSRC
Aug-2013Balanced-force two-phase flow modelling on unstructured and adaptive meshesvan Wachem, Berend; Denner, Fabian; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Sweden. $b Vetenskapsra╠Ődet
-The behaviour of airborne particulates inside houses : its relevance to nuclear safetyGoddard, Professor A. J. H.; Qadir, Noman Fazal; Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 359