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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Parallel, hierarchical solution algorithms for diffusion synthetic Acceleration of the neutron transport equationEaton, Matthew; Bluck, Mike; O'Malley, Benedict John; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Rolls-Royce plc.
Nov-2015Elastic wave scattering from randomly rough surfacesLowe, Mike; Huthwaite, Peter; Shi, Fan; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; AMEC (Firm), et al
May-2018Simulation, modelling and feedback control of the flow around a simplified square-back road vehicleMorgans, Aimee; Dalla Longa, Laurent; Imperial College London; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Renault-Nissan (Firm)
Feb-2017Exploring the selection of creativity tools that suit personality attributes and design applicationChilds, Peter; Aurisicchio, Marco; Yan, Yanliuxing
Apr-2017Experimental and numerical investigation of structure-mechanical property relationships in Alumina Trihydrate reinforced Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) compositesCharalambides, Maria; Zhang, Ruoyu
Jun-2015High accuracy ultrasonic degradation monitoringCegla, Frederic; Cawley, Peter; Gajdacsi, Attila
Jul-2015Patient-specific instrumentations for complex knee surface preparationAmis, Andrew; Jeffers, Jonathan; Li, Jianmo
Apr-2010Toughening mechanisms of silica nanoparticle-modified epoxy polymersKinloch, AJ; Taylor, Ambrose; Masania, Kunal; EPSRC
Jun-2015Damage modelling of leaded free cutting steel under hot forming conditionsLin, Jianguo; Balint, Daniel; Farrugia, Didier; Kardoulaki, Erofili; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Tata Steel
May-2015Flexible robotic device for spinal surgeryVaidyanathan, Ravi; Parker, Kim; Morad, Samir; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council