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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2015Quantification of combustion regime transitionsLindstedt, R. Peter; Beyrau, Frank; Hampp, Fabian; United States. Office of Naval Research Global; United States. Air Force. Office of Scientific Research, et al
Feb-2016Vibration isolation with periodic structuresBalint, Daniel; Dear, John; Lee, Junyi; Aviation Industry Corporation of China
Sep-2015Large eddy simulation of deflagration to detonation transitionNavarro-Martinez, Salvador; Touber, Emile; Yu, Shaoxi
Jan-2015Extreme value analysis of ultrasonic thickness measurementsCegla, Frederic; Cawley, Peter; Benstock, Daniel
Sep-2017Turbulent explosions in hydrogen enriched fuel blendsLindstedt, Peter; Beyrau, Frank; Li, Tao
May-2017Unsteady flow around bluļ¬€ bodies spanning thin rectangular ductsIssa, Raad; Walker, Simon; Hardalupas, Yannis; Taylor, Alex; Harland, David George, et al
Sep-2017Quantitative evaluation of ultrasonic techniques for the detection and monitoring of corrosion in pipesCegla, Frederic; Cawley, Peter; Howard, Richard David; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Permasense Ltd.
Jan-2018Investigation of expansion cooling in throttled flowvan Wachem, Berend; Beyrau, Frank; Xiao, Cheng-Nian; Shell
Sep-2017Examining the effect of the environment on the creep and creep-fatigue properties of type 316H stainless steelDavies, Catrin; Nikbin, Kamran; Nasser, Mustafa; EDF Energy (Firm)
Aug-2017Self-heating ignition of natural reactive porous mediaRein, Guillermo; Navarro-Martinez, Salvador; Restuccia, Francesco; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council