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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Creep monitoring using permanently installed potential drop sensorsCawley, Peter; Nagy, Peter; Corcoran, Joseph;
Sep-2015Investigations into the ability of Piezoelectric Sensors to Monitor the Integrity of the Cemented Bond between Bone and ImplantJeffers, Jonathan; Vaidyanathan, Ravi; Darton, Hannah;
Sep-2015The dynamics of vortical perturbations in viscoelastic shear flowsZaki, Tamer; Hardalupas, Yannis; Page, Jacob;
Oct-2015Studies on the solution heat treatment, forming and in-die quenching process in the production of lightweight alloy componentsBalint, Daniel; Dear, John; Elfakir, Omer;
Oct-2015Coupled CFD-population balance modelling of soot formation in laminar and turbulent flamesRigopoulos, Stelios; Jones, William; Akridis, Petros;
Dec-2015Guided wave monitoring of pipelinesCawley, Peter; Dobson, Jacob;
Sep-2018Ultrasonic grain noise and defect monitoring in large grained materialsCawley, Peter; Cegla, Frederic; Liu, Yuan;
Sep-2018Blast mitigation and design of laminated glass facadesBlackman, Bamber R K; Hooper, Paul A; Samieian, Mohammad Amin;
Sep-2018Optimizing additive manufactured porous structures for orthopaedicsJeffers, Jonathan; Hooper, Paul; Ghouse, Shaaz;
Jul-2018A study of methods for including uncertainty in Seismic PSAWalker, Simon; Ardron, Keith; Raganelli, Lavinia;