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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2018Simulation, modelling and feedback control of the flow around a simplified square-back road vehicleMorgans, Aimee; Dalla Longa, Laurent; Imperial College London; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Renault-Nissan (Firm)
Apr-2018Bulk viscosity effects in compressible turbulent Couette flowTouber, Emile; Zaki, Tamer; Jones, William; Szemberg O'Connor, Teddy; Imperial College London, et al
Jul-2018Discrete dislocation plasticity analysis of cyclic loading phenomenaBalint, Daniel S.; Giuliani, Finn; Waheed, Sana; Imperial College London
Nov-2015Fundamental study of smouldering combustion of peat in wildfiresRein, Guillermo; Huang, Xinyan; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Santander; Imperial College London, et al
Jan-2015Tough natural-fibre compositesKinloch, Anthony; Taylor, Ambrose; Techapaitoon, Mana; Imperial College London
May-2012Modelling and Simulation of Hybrid Electric VehiclesEvangelou, Simos; Martinez-Botas, Ricardo; Shukla, Amit; Imperial College London
Feb-2016Mechanical performance of transparent laminated materials for aircraftDear, John; Mohagheghian, Iman; Kinloch, Anthony; Wang, Yi; Imperial College London
Nov-2015A flexible tool design and integrated modelling techniques for springback compensation in creep-age formingLin, Jianguo; Balint, Daniel; Lam, Aaron C L; Imperial College London
Feb-2016Pseudospectral collocation method for viscoelastic guided wave problems in generally anisotropic mediaLowe, Michael; Huthwaite, Peter; Hernando Quintanilla, Francisco; Imperial College London
Jul-2013Whole aero-engine meshing and CFD simulationdi Mare, Luca; Imregun, Mehmet; Wang, Feng; Imperial College London; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council