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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012Modelling and Simulation of Hybrid Electric VehiclesEvangelou, Simos; Martinez-Botas, Ricardo; Shukla, Amit; Imperial College London
Sep-2016A Heterogeneous Sensor Suite for Reducing the Cognitive Burden of Upper Limb Robotic ControlVaidyanathan, Ravi; Burdet, Etienne; Gardner, Marcus Jian Li; Imperial College London
Sep-2016Improving engine efficiency via polymer shear thinningSpikes, Hugh; Wong, Janet; Marx, Nigel; Imperial College London
Aug-2018Structural integrity of additive manufactured cellular lattice structuresDear, John; Davies, Catrin; Hooper, Paul; Ibrahim, Youssef Raouf Hashem A K; Imperial College London
Jan-2018An investigation into the static mechanical performance of composite-metal joints strengthened by surfi-sculptBlackman, Bamber; Dear, John; Xiong, Wei; Imperial College London; The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (Firm)
Mar-2018The impact of pressure fluctuation and scalar dissipation rate closures in turbulent flamesLindstedt, Rune Peter; Martinez, Salvador Navarro; Tian, Lu; Imperial College London
Apr-2018Bulk viscosity effects in compressible turbulent Couette flowTouber, Emile; Zaki, Tamer; Jones, William; Szemberg O'Connor, Teddy; Imperial College London, et al
Jun-2017The acoustics of short circular holes and their damping of thermoacoustic oscillationsMorgans, Aimee; Yang, Dong; Imperial College London
Feb-2016Pseudospectral collocation method for viscoelastic guided wave problems in generally anisotropic mediaLowe, Michael; Huthwaite, Peter; Hernando Quintanilla, Francisco; Imperial College London
May-2016The effect of bisphosphonates on bone microstructure and strengthHansen, Ulrich; Jin, Andi; Imperial College London