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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2010The Effects of Tibial Tray Rotation and Posterior Slope on Knee Kinematics Following Total Knee ReplacementAmis, Andrew; Bull, Anthony; Karim, Amer; Stryker (Europe) Foundation
Oct-2011Artificial Ageing of Japanese Lacquerware and Comparison of Conservation Treatments for Photodegraded Japanese Lacquer SurfacesTaylor, Ambrose; Charalambides, Maria; Thei, Judith; Arts and Humanities Research Council, Daiwa Foundation, Sasakawa Foundation
Feb-2012Predicting the fatigue behaviour of matrices and fibre-composites based upon modified epoxy polymersKinloch, AJ; Taylor, Ambrose; Babu, Jibumon B
2010Biomechanics of Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionAmis, Andrew; Bull, Anthony; Cuomo, Pierluigi
May-2012Modelling and Simulation of Hybrid Electric VehiclesEvangelou, Simos; Martinez-Botas, Ricardo; Shukla, Amit; Imperial College London
Mar-2012Quantitative imaging with mechanical wavesLowe, Michael; Simonetti, Francesco; Huthwaite, Peter Edward
Nov-2011Prediction of the performance of adhesively-bonded composite jointsTaylor, Ambrose; Kinloch, AJ; Brett, Michael Alexander de Oliveira
Dec-2008Detailed modelling of catalytic chemistry in short contact time reactorsLindstedt, Peter; Vincent, Ruddy Serge
May-2012Structural integrity of power transformersDear, John; Kalkan, Gokhan; Balikesir Electromechanical Plants Corporation
Jul-2012Modelling of annular two-phase flow in horizontal and vertical pipes including the transition from the stratified flow regimeTaylor, Alex; Issa, Raad; Emamzadeh, Mohammad