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Sep-20131H NMR profiling in colorectal cancerParaskeva, Paraskevas; Allen-Mersh, Timothy; Smith, Andrew
Feb-20183 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging and computerised image analysis in the evaluation of rheumatoid hand jointsHajnal, Jo; Rastogi, Anshul; GlaxoSmithKline
Aug-2015Aberrant expression of homing markers on dendritic cells drives inflammation in Crohn's diseaseKnight, Stella; Peake, Simon Thomas Charles
Jul-2015Accuracy in hip surgery: assessment, consequence and solutionCobb, Justin; Hart, Alister; Davda, Kinner; Arthur M. Sackler Foundation
2011Acute HCV in HIV positive men; viral evolution and cellular immune responsesMain, Janice; Karayiannis, Peter; Thomson, Emma Cassandra
Apr-2015Acute mental fatigue and cognitive performance in the medical professionDarzi, Ara; Leff, Daniel; Flindall, Ian Richard
Oct-2014ADMA metabolism and chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertenstionWojciak-Stothard, Beata; Iannone, Lucio; British Heart Foundation
Dec-2015The aeitiopathogenesis of cutaneous wound failure in Crohn’s diseaseHart, Ailsa; Phillips, Robin; Daulatzai, Najibullah; St. Mark's Hospital for Diseases of the Rectum and Colon (London, England)
May-2016Aetiological factors in the pathogenesis of male genital lichen sclerosus, penile precancer and penile cancerBunker, Christopher; Bell, Derek; Harwood, Catherine; Shim, Tang Ngee; Sir John Fisher Foundation, et al
Aug-2016Alcohol misuse in sexual health clinics: examining the opportunity and challenges to interveneCrawford, Mike; Ward, Helen; Sanatinia, Rahil
Oct-2018The allosteric activation of ADAMTS13Crawley, James; de Groot, Rens; Petri, Anastasis; British Heart Foundation
Mar-2015Amino acid metabolism in the inflammatory nicheDazzi, Francesco; Wang, Alice Chun-Yin
Sep-2016Amygdala resting state functional connectivity in alcohol dependenceLingford-Hughes, Anne; McGonigle, John; Orban, Csaba; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Oct-2009Anaesthetic Preconditioning; The Role of ATP-Sensitive K+ ChannelsTrapp, Stefan; Maze, Mervyn; Ma, Daqing; Bantel, Carsten
2008Analysing the role of the anterior visceral endoderm in anterior-posterior axis establishment in the mouse embryoRodriguez, Tristan; Stuckey, Daniel William; Medical Research Council
Aug-2009Analysis of association studies and inference of haplotypic phase using hidden Markov modelsCoin, Lachlan; Su, Shu Yi; Imperial College Deputy Rector Scholarship
2010Analysis of Bcl6 in a genetically tractable human B cell linePorter, Andy; Wagner, Simon; Zobel, Jennifer; Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, Gordon Piller studentship scheme
Jul-2013Analysis of cannabinoids in post-mortem blood and hair - its value in post-mortem toxicologyPaterson, Sue; Murphy, Kevin; Andrews, Rebecca
2011Analysis of effectors of the Salmonella Typhimurium SPI‐2 type three secretion systemHolden, David; Figueira, Ana Rita; Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal
Nov-2016Analysis of host gene regulation by Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen 3B (EBNA3B)Allday, Martin; White, Rob; Ho, Guiyi; Singapore. Agency for Science, Technology and Research; Wellcome Trust (London, England)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1136