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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2016Cost–effectiveness analysisThomas, RA; Chalkidou, K; Smith, PC; Cylus, J; Papanicolas, I
1-Jan-2019Medico de familia e communidade na saudi publicaRawaf, S; Rawaf, DL; Gusso, G; Lopes, JMC; Dias, LD
8-Jan-2011Design requirements for a patient administered personal electronic health recordFensli, R; Oleshchuk, V; O'Donoghue, JM; O’Reilly, P; Laskovski, AN
1-Jan-2012Family Physicians and Public Health (Medico de familia na sauce publica)Rawaf, S; Gusso, G; Lopes, JMC
10-Aug-2017The relationship between test scores and other measure of performance.Fyfe, MV; Devine, A; Emery, J; McElwee, S; Chueng, KYC, et al
30-Aug-2018The economics of infectious diseasesHauck, KD; Jones, A; National Institute for Health Research; Pepfar, NIAID, NIMH, NIDA, BMGF; Department for International Development (UK) (DFI, et al
28-Feb-2017Operational guide: Early Warning and Response System (EWARS) for dengue outbreaksHussain-Alkhateeb, L; Bowman, L; Petzold, M
12-Jul-2013Developing and implementing health systems policy to improve the delivery of brief tobacco interventionsDubois, E; McNally, Lisa, LM; Andrews, Lisa, LA; Fu, Dungbo, DF; Rawaf, Salman, SR, et al
7-Mar-2018Population-based approaches to Alzheimer's disease prevention.Perneczky, R; Perneczky, R
5-Oct-2018Unravelling the exposome: Conclusions and thoughts for the futureDagnino, S; Dagnino, S; Macherone, A; Research Executive Agency