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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-2016Epigenome-wide association study of body mass index, and the adverse outcomes of adiposityWahl, S; Drong, A; Lehne, B; Loh, M; Scott, WR, et al
8-Feb-2016Historic air pollution exposure and long-term mortality risks in England and Wales: prospective longitudinal cohort studyHansell, A; Ghosh, RE; Blangiardo, M; Perkins, C; Vienneau, D, et al
14-Jan-2010Reply to Robert et al.: Model criticism informs model choice and model comparisonRatmann, O; Andrieu, C; Wiuf, C; Richardson, S; Wellcome Trust, et al
25-Sep-2017Phandango: an interactive viewer for bacterial population genomics.Hadfield, J; Croucher, NJ; Goater, RJ; Abudahab, K; Aanensen, DM, et al
1-Apr-2012A Research Agenda for Helminth Diseases of Humans: Diagnostics for Control and Elimination ProgrammesMcCarthy, JS; Lustigman, S; Yang, G-J; Barakat, RM; Garcia, HH, et al
1-May-2013Association between Response to Albendazole Treatment and beta-Tubulin Genotype Frequencies in Soil-transmitted HelminthsDiawara, A; Halpenny, CM; Churcher, TS; Mwandawiro, C; Kihara, J, et al
1-Apr-2012A Research Agenda for Helminth Diseases of Humans: Basic Research and Enabling Technologies to Support Control and Elimination of HelminthiasesLustigman, S; Geldhof, P; Grant, WN; Osei-Atweneboana, MY; Sripa, B, et al
1-Apr-2012A Research Agenda for Helminth Diseases of Humans: The Problem of HelminthiasesLustigman, S; Prichard, RK; Gazzinelli, A; Grant, WN; Boatin, BA, et al
30-Oct-2018National and regional seasonal dynamics of all-cause and cause-specific mortality in the USA from 1980 to 2016Parks, RM; Bennett, J; Foreman, K; Toumi, R; Ezzati, M, et al
1-Dec-2018Contributions of diseases and injuries to widening life expectancy inequalities in England from 2001 to 2016: population-based analysis of vital registration dataBennett, J; Pearson-Stuttard, J; Kontis, V; Capewell, S; Wolfe, I, et al