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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2007Implications for the Constrained MSSM from a new prediction for b to s gammaRoszkowski, L; Austri, RRD; Trotta, R
1-Sep-2008Point contact Andreev reflection spectroscopy of NdFeAsO(0.85)Yates, KA; Cohen, LF; Ren, Z-A; Yang, J; Lu, W, et al
3-Oct-2006Instrumented Taylor Anvil-on-Rod Impact Test for validating applicability of standard strength models to transient deformation statesEakins, DE; Thadhani, NN
1-Apr-2008Mesoscale simulation of the configuration-dependent shock-compression response of Ni+Al powder mixturesEakins, DE; Thadhani, NN
15-Feb-2007Shock compression response of nanoiron powder compactDai, C; Eakins, D; Thadhani, N; Liu, JP
1-Nov-2000Bell's inequality test with entangled atomsBeige, A; Munro, WJ; Knight, PL
1-Jul-2002Study and suppression of anomalous fast events in inorganic scintillators for dark matter searchesKudryavtsev, VA; Spooner, NJC; Lightfoot, PK; Roberts, JW; Lehner, MJ, et al
1-Jan-2008Track reconstruction and performance of DRIFT directional dark matter detectors using alpha particlesBurgos, S; Forbes, J; Ghag, C; Gold, M; Kudryavtsev, VA, et al
10-Jan-2002Measurements of scintillation efficiency and pulse shape for low energy recoils in liquid xenonAkimov, D; Bewick, A; Davidge, D; Dawson, J; Howard, AS, et al
23-Jul-2002Experimental searches for dark matterSumner, TJ