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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2005Detailed calculation of test-mass charging in the LISA missionAraujo, HM; Wass, P; Shaul, D; Rochester, G; Sumner, TJ
14-Jun-2007First limits on WIMP nuclear recoil signals in ZEPLIN-II: A two-phase xenon detector for dark matter detectionAlner, GJ; Araujo, HM; Bewick, A; Bungau, C; Camanzi, B, et al
1-Sep-2006The ZEPLIN-III dark matter detector: Performance study using an end-to-end simulation toolAraujo, HM; Akimov, DY; Alner, GJ; Bewick, A; Bungau, C, et al
25-Sep-2009Results from the first science run of the ZEPLIN-III dark matter search experimentLebedenko, VN; Araujo, HM; Barnes, EJ; Bewick, A; Cashmore, R, et al
11-Jun-2005Muon-induced neutron production and detection with GEANT4 and FLUKAAraujo, HM; Kudryavtsev, VA; Spooner, NJC; Sumner, TJ
1-Feb-2007The ZEPLIN-III dark matter detector: Instrument design, manufacture and commissioningAkimov, DY; Alner, GJ; Araujo, HM; Bewick, A; Bungau, C, et al
28-Oct-2009Calibration of photomultiplier arraysChepel, V; Akimov, DY; Araujo, HM; Barnes, EJ; Belov, VA, et al
3-Jul-2008Measurement of single electron emission in two-phase xenonAraujo, HM; Chepel, V; Cline, D; Durkin, T; Gao, J, et al