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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-2003Disorder and interactions on a 1D chainCarter, JM; MacKinnon, A
1-May-2003Transport via a quantum shuttleMacKinnon, A; Armour, AD
1-May-2003Quantum interference and inelastic scattering in a which-way deviceMacKinnon, A; Armour, AD
29-Sep-2003An estimate of Omega(m) without conventional priorsFeldman, H; Juszkiewicz, R; Ferreira, P; Davis, M; Gaztanaga, E, et al
1-Sep-2003The NAIAD experiment for WIMP searches at Boulby mine and recent resultsAhmed, B; Alner, GJ; Araujo, H; Barton, JC; Bewick, A, et al
1-Sep-2003Measurement-induced nonlinearity in linear opticsScheel, S; Nemoto, K; Munro, WJ; Knight, PL
15-Dec-2003Quantum Monte Carlo investigations of density functional theory of the strongly inhomogeneous electron gasNekovee, M; Foulkes, WMC; Needs, RJ
31-Mar-2003Cosmological constant and general isocurvature initial conditionsTrotta, R; Riazuelo, A; Durrer, R
1-Nov-2003The cosmological constant and the paradigm of adiabaticityTrotta, R
8-Dec-2003Hidden spacetime symmetries and generalized holonomy in M-theoryDuff, MJ; Liu, JT