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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2005Indication for primordial anisotropies in the neutrino background from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and the Sloan digital sky surveyTrotta, R; Melchiorri, A
11-Oct-2005Cold dust in (some) high-z supernova host galaxiesClements, DL; Farrah, D; Rowan-Robinson, M; Afonso, J; Priddey, R, et al
1-Jan-2005Detailed calculation of test-mass charging in the LISA missionAraujo, HM; Wass, P; Shaul, D; Rochester, G; Sumner, TJ
21-Jun-2005A study of the scintillation induced by alpha particles and gamma rays in liquid xenon in an electric fieldDawson, JV; Howard, AS; Akimov, D; Araujo, H; Bewick, A, et al
11-Jun-2005Muon-induced neutron production and detection with GEANT4 and FLUKAAraujo, HM; Kudryavtsev, VA; Spooner, NJC; Sumner, TJ
19-Aug-2005Generalized holonomy of M-theory vacuaBatrachenko,A.; Duff,M.J.; Lu,J.X.; Wen,W.Y.