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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2014Requirement of JNK1 for endothelial cell injury in atherogenesisAmini, N; Boyle, JJ; Moers, B; Warboys, CM; Malik, TH, et al
1-Dec-2015Impaired Right, Left, or Biventricular Function and Resting Oxygen Saturation Are Associated With Mortality in Eisenmenger Syndrome: A Clinical and Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Study.Jensen, AS; Broberg, CS; Rydman, R; Diller, GP; Li, W, et al
7-Dec-2016Electrotonic coupling of excitable and nonexcitable cells in the heart revealed by optogeneticsQuinn, TA; Camelliti, P; Rog-Zielinska, EA; Siedlecka, U; Poggioli, T, et al
13-Mar-2017Fatal severe coronary artery stenosis in Williams syndrome: decision making using late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular MRI.Voges, I; Franklin, RC; Wage, R; Babu-Narayan, SV; British Heart Foundation
7-Mar-2017Contemporary cardiac surgery for adults with congenital heart diseaseBeurtheret, S; Tutarel, O; Diller, GP; West, C; Ntalarizou, E, et al
23-Dec-2016Comparing maximum rate and sustainability of pacing by electrical versus mechanical stimulation in the Langendorff-perfused rabbit heartKohl, P; Quinn, TA; British Heart Foundation; British Heart Foundation
1-Dec-2015Disparate worlds drawing closer together: cardiovascular biomarkers predict cancer outcomes in treatment-naive patientsLyon, AR; British Heart Foundation
13-Oct-2015(De-)sensitisation versus uncoupling: what drives cardiomyopathies in the thin filament? The known unknowns.Marston, S; Messer, A; Papadaki, M; British Heart Foundation; British Heart Foundation
27-Jan-2016An extended 3D whole-heart myocardial first-pass perfusion sequence: alternate-cycle views with isotropic and high-resolution imagingFair, M; Gatehouse, P; DiBella, EVR; Chen, L; Firmin, DN, et al
3-Feb-2015Through-plane dark-rim artefacts in 3D first-pass myocardial perfusionFair, M; Gatehouse, P; Firmin, D; British Heart Foundation