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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Characterisation of an anti-glycan monoclonal antibody against ovarian cancerChoo, Sern Farh Matthew
Apr-2013Characterisation of the molecular basis underlying Chlamydial subversion of focal adhesion signalingThwaites, Tristan
Sep-2016Characterisation of the pathogenic Escherichia coli type three secretion system effector NleGMcGeever, Bevin
Jun-2015Characterisation of the type III secretion effector NleFPallett, Mitchell
Dec-2012Climate change impacts on species: a trait-based approachDickinson, Maria Grace
Jan-2016Coevolutionary interactions between bacteria and phage in natural environmentsBankier, Claire
Dec-2016Communities count: exploring the role of participatory monitoring in conservation and development initiativesEarle, Samantha
Aug-2016Computational approaches for metagenomic analysis of high-throughput sequencing dataAinsworth, David
Jul-2014The consequences of life without sex: an examination into taxonomy and evolution of the anciently asexual bdelloid rotifersTang, Cuong
May-2016Conservation payments in data-poor, developing-world fisheriesBladon, Annabelle Jade
Sep-2016The contribution of environmental selection on microbial community structure, function and biogeographyMombrikotb, Shorok Bashir
Nov-2014Cyanogenesis in the cystic fibrosis pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosaNair, Chandrika Goh
Nov-2014Cytokinin metabolite distribution at tissue- and cell-specific levelsAntoniadi, Ioanna
Jun-2017Determining the effect of treatment with an exogenous host defence peptide on Mycobacterium marinum-zebrafish infectionPrice, Rebecca Louise
Jan-2014Development of a logic-based approach for the design of low molecular weight regulators of biological activityReynolds, Christopher Robert
Sep-2013Development of a synthetic biology approach to targeted directed evolution of proteins in vivoAdie, Thomas
May-2016The development of gene drives for genetic control of the malaria mosquitoHammond, Andrew Marc
Sep-2016Development of novel strategies for template-based protein structure predictionMezulis, Stefans
Jun-2015Development of silencing vectors for Aspergillus fumigatus based on mycoviruses and short interspersed nuclear elementsKanhayuwa, Lakkhana
Apr-2015Diversity and structure of bird and mammal communities in the Semiarid Chaco Region: response to agricultural practices and landscape alterationsDecarre, Julieta
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 184
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