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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2020Isolating the impacts of anthropogenic water use within the hydrological regime of north IndiaO'Keeffe, J; Moulds, S; Scheidegger, JM; Jackson, CR; Nair, T, et al
15-Jul-2020Shocked titanite records Chicxulub hydrothermal alteration and impact ageTimms, NE; Kirkland, CL; Cavosie, AJ; Rae, ASP; Rickard, WDA, et al
1-Sep-2020An agent-based modelling approach to simulate the investment decision of industrial enterprisesBudinis, S; Sachs, J; Giarola, S; Hawkes, A; , et al
26-May-2020A steeply-inclined trajectory for the Chicxulub impactCollins, G; Patel, N; Davison, T; Rae, A; Morgan, J, et al
Sep-2020Key findings from the core North American scenarios in the EMF34 intermodel comparisonHuntington, HG; Bhargava, A; Daniels, D; Weyant, JP; Avraam, C, et al
Jun-2020Investing in flexibility in an integrated planning of natural gas and power systemsAmeli, H; Qadrdan, M; Strbac, G; Ameli, MT;
15-Aug-2020Sea-ice control on deglacial lower cell circulation changes recorded by Drake Passage deep-sea coralsWilson, DJ; Struve, T; Van de Flierdt, T; Chen, T; Li, T, et al
Sep-2020Agent-based scenarios comparison for assessing fuel-switching investment in long-term energy transitions of the India’s industry sectorMoya, D; Budinis, S; Giarola, S; Hawkes, A; , et al
20-Jun-2020Wide‐angle seismic imaging of two modes of crustal accretion in mature Atlantic Ocean crustDavy, R; Collier, JS; Henstock, TJ; The VoiLA consortium;
1-Jan-2020Message in a fossil? Lessons from the last plants on AntarcticaLittle, S;