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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Feb-2017Lead isotopes in deep-sea coral skeletons: ground-truthing and a first deglacial Southern Ocean recordWilson, DJ; Van de Flierdt, T; Adkins, JF;
15-Apr-2016On the use of molecular-based thermodynamic models to assess the performance of solvents for CO₂ capture processes: monoethanolamine solutionsBrand, CV; Graham, E; Rodriguez, J; Galindo, A; Jackson, G, et al
16-Apr-2016CO2 storage well rate optimisation in the Forties sandstone of the Forties and Nelson reservoirs using evolutionary algorithms and upscaled geological modelsBabaei, M; Pan, I; Korre, A; Shi, JQ; Govindan, R, et al
19-Sep-2018Ice loss from the East Antarctic Ice Sheet during late Pleistocene interglacialsWilson, DJ; Bertram, R; Needham, E; Van de Flierdt, T; Welsh, K, et al
4-Apr-2016Tiny individuals attached to a new Silurian arthropod suggest a unique mode of brood careBriggs, DEG; Siveter, DJ; Siveter, DJ; Sutton, MD; Legg, D, et al
15-Apr-2016Inclusion-based effective medium models for the permeability of a 3D fractured rock massEbigbo, AOD; Lang, PS; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW; , et al
30-Oct-2018Thetis coastal ocean model: discontinuous Galerkin discretization for the three-dimensional hydrostatic equationsKärnä, T; Kramer, SC; Mitchell, L; Ham, DA; Piggott, MD, et al
1-Dec-2018Robust, real-time and autonomous monitoring of ecosystems with an open, low-cost, networked deviceSethi, S; Ewers, R; Jones, N; Orme, D; Picinali, L, et al
15-Apr-2016Direct visualization of the thermomagnetic behaviour of pseudo-single-domain magnetite particlesAlmeida, T; Muxworthy, AR; Kovacs, A; Williams, W; Brown, PD, et al