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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018Advances in nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of lubricants and additivesEwen, J; Heyes, D; Dini, D; , et al
9-Sep-2016A dynamic discrete dislocation plasticity study of elastodynamic shielding of stationary cracksGurrutxaga Lerma, B; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP; , et al
14-Oct-2016The injection of a screw dislocation into a crystal: atomistics vs. continuum elastodynamicsJonas Verschueren; Gurrutxaga Lerma, B; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP, et al
14-Mar-2018Slip of alkanes confined between surfactant monolayers adsorbed on solid surfacesEwen, JP; Kannam, S; Todd, B; Dini, D; , et al
2-Oct-2018Instabilities of high speed dislocationsVerschueren, J; Gurrutxaga-Lerma, B; Balint, D; Sutton, A; Dini, D, et al
8-Jan-2016A numerical study exploring the effect of particle properties on the fluidization of adhesive particlesWilson, R; Dini, D; Van Wachem, B;
1-Feb-2017The influence of surface roughness and adhesion on particle rollingWilson, R; Dini, D; Van Wachem, B;
1-Jun-2019A discrete crack dynamics model of toughening in brittle polycrystalline material by crack deflectionEbrahimi, M; Balint, D; Sutton, A; Dini, D; , et al
13-Sep-2018Adsorption of Surfactants on α-Fe2O3(0001): A Density Functional Theory StudyGattinoni, C; Ewen, JP; Dini, D; , et al
14-Mar-2019Shear heating, flow, and friction of confined molecular fluids at high pressureEwen, J; Gao, H; Mueser, M; Dini, D; , et al