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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2018Tuning electronic properties of transition-metal dichalcogenides via defect chargeLischner, JC; Mostofi, AA; Aghajanian, M;
6-Dec-2016Molecular simulation of gas solubility in nitrile butadiene rubberKhawaja, M; Sutton, AP; Mostofi, AA;
13-Sep-2016Chemically selective alternatives to photoferroelectrics for polarization-enhanced photocatalysis: the untapped potential of hybrid inorganic nanotubesElliott, JD; Poli, E; Scivetti, I; Ratcliff, LE; Andrinopoulos, L, et al
16-Oct-2017The origin of uniaxial negative thermal expansion in layered perovskitesAblitt, C; Craddock, S; Senn, MS; Bristowe, NC; Mostofi, AA, et al
18-Oct-2018Control of uniaxial negative thermal expansion in layered Perovskites by tuning layer thicknessMostofi, AA; Ablitt, C; Senn, M; Bristowe, N;
9-Apr-2020Critical role of device geometry for the phase diagram of twisted bilayer grapheneGoodwin, Z; Vitale, V; Corsetti, F; Efetov, DK; Mostofi, AA, et al
25-Nov-2019Combining embedded mean-field theory with linear-scaling density-functional theoryPrentice, J; Charlton, R; Mostofi, AA; Haynes, P; , et al
14-Nov-2016Molecular model for HNBR with tunable cross-link densityKhawaja; Molinari; Sutton, AP; Mostofi, AA; , et al
16-Dec-2019Tolerance factor control of uniaxial negative thermal expansion in a layered perovskiteAblitt, C; McCay, H; Craddock, S; Cooper, L; Reynolds, E, et al