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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Aug-2017Decentralized nonlinear control for power systems using normal forms and detailed modelsSingh, AK; Pal, BC;
15-Jan-2019Quantifying self-heating ignition of biochar as a function of feedstock and the pyrolysis reactor temperatureRestuccia, F; Masek, O; Hadden, R; Rein, G; , et al
1-Dec-2018Advances in nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of lubricants and additivesEwen, J; Heyes, D; Dini, D; , et al
4-Jul-2018Estimation of inherent governor dead-band and regulation using unscented Kalman filterBhui, P; Senroy, N; Singh, A; Pal, B; , et al
1-Jan-2019Robotic hip joint testing: Development and experimental protocolsEl Daou, H; Ng, KC; Van Arkel, R; Jeffers, J; Rodriguez y Baena, F, et al
14-Aug-2015Decentralized Control of Oscillatory Dynamics in Power Systems using an Extended LQRSingh, AK; Pal, BC; Conejo, A; , et al
13-Aug-2018Post-polymerisation functionalisation of conjugated polymer backbones and its application in multi-functional emissive nanoparticlesHeeney, MJ; Creamer, A; Wood, C; Howes, P; Casey, A, et al
8-Jan-2016An extended linear quadratic regulator and its application for control of power system dynamicsSingh, A; Pal, B;
18-Jul-2018Capsular ligament function after total hip arthroplastyVan Arkel, R; Ng, KCG; Muirhead-Allwood, S; Jeffers, J; , et al
8-May-2018Satisfiability modulo theories for process systems engineeringMistry, M; Callia D'Iddio, A; Huth, MRA; Misener, R; , et al