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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2017Interactions of dissolved CO2 with Cadmium Isotopes in the Southern OceanDe Baar, HJW; Van Heuven, SMAC; Abouchami, W; Xue, ZICHEN; Galer, SJG, et al
2-Feb-2018The distribution of lead concentrations and isotope compositions in the eastern Tropical Atlantic OceanBridgestock, L; Rehkamper, M; Van de Flierdt, T; Paul, M; Milne, A, et al
11-Sep-2019Stable isotope labelling of metal/metal oxide nanomaterials for environmental and biological tracingZhang, P; Misra, S; Guo, Z; Rehkamper, M; Valsami-Jones, E, et al
23-Dec-2015Neodymium isotopic composition and concentration in the western North Atlantic Ocean: results from the GEOTRACES GA02 sectionLambelet, M; Van de Flierdt, T; Crocket, K; Rehkamper, M; Kreissig, K, et al
28-Sep-2016Return of naturally sourced Pb to Atlantic surface watersBridgestock, L; Van de Flierdt, T; Rehkamper, M; Paul, M; Middag, R, et al
28-Mar-2017The Cd isotope composition of atmospheric aerosols from the tropical Atlantic OceanBridgestock, L; Rehkamper, M; Van de Flierdt, T; Murphy, K; Khondoker, R, et al
10-Oct-2017A novel multi-isotope tracer approach to test ZnO nanoparticle and soluble Zn bioavailability in joint soil exposuresLaycock, A; Romero-Freire, A; Najorka, J; Svendsen, C; Van Gestel, CAM, et al
1-Sep-2018New constraints on elemental and Pb and Nd isotope compositions of South American and Southern African aerosol sources to the South Atlantic OceanKhondoker, R; Weiss, DJ; Van de Flierdt, T; Rehkamper, M; Kreissig, K, et al
15-Apr-2019Isotopic evidence for complex biogeochemical cycling of Cd in the eastern tropical South PacificXie, RC; Rehkamper, M; Grasse, P; Van de Flierdt, T; Frank, M, et al
1-Jun-2019High-sensitivity tracing of stable isotope labeled Ag nanoparticles in environmental samples using MC-ICP-MSJunk, T; Rehkamper, M; Laycock, A;