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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jul-2017Effect of poroelasticity on hydraulic fracture interactionsUsui, T; Salimzadeh, S; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW;
24-Apr-2017Modelling of primary fragmentation in block caving mines using a finite-element based fracture mechanics approachPaluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW;
15-Apr-2016Inclusion-based effective medium models for the permeability of a 3D fractured rock massEbigbo, AOD; Lang, PS; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW; , et al
21-Oct-2017Quantification of fracture interaction using stress intensity factor variation mapsThomas, RN; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW;
1-Jul-2018Effect of cold CO2 injection on fracture apertures and growthSalimzadeh, S; Paluszny Rodriguez, A; Zimmerman, RW;
16-Oct-2017A three-dimensional coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical model for deformable fractured geothermal systemsSalimzadeh, S; Paluszny Rodriguez, A; Nick, HM; Zimmerman, RW;
1-Nov-2017Finite element simulations of interactions between multiple hydraulic fractures in a poroelastic rockSalimzadeh, S; Usui, T; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW; , et al
1-Nov-2018Permeability of observed three dimensional fracture networks in spent fuel pinsThomas, RN; Paluszny, A; Hambley, D; Hawthorne, FM; Zimmerman, RW, et al
21-Jul-2016Evolution of fracture normal stiffness due to pressure dissolution and precipitationLang, PS; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW;
-Growth of three-dimensional fractures, arrays, and networks in brittle rocks under tension and compressionThomas, R; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW; , et al