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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2016Embedded discontinuous Galerkin transport schemes with localised limitersCotter, CJ; Kuzmin, D
24-Feb-2016Analytical formulas for longitudinal slip lengths over unidirectional superhydrophobic surfaces with curved menisciCrowdy, DG
9-Mar-2016A field-theoretic approach to the Wiener SausageNekovar, S; Pruessner, G
11-May-2015A parameter-free perfectly matched layer formulation for the finite-element-based solution of the Helmholtz equationCimpeanu, R; Martinsson, A; Heil, M
27-Apr-2017Destabilisation and modification of Tollmien-Schlichting disturbances by a three dimensional surface indentationXu, H; Mughal, SM; Gowree, E; Atkin, CJ; Sherwin, S
3-Mar-2016Genetic correlations greatly increase mutational robustness and can both reduce and enhance evolvabilityGreenbury, SF; Schaper, S; Ahnert, SE; Louis, AA
15-Feb-2016Localized vortex/Tollmien-Schlichting wave interaction states in plane Poiseuille flowWalton, AG; Dempsey, LJ; Deguchi, K; Hall, P
13-Oct-2016Capturing nonlinear dynamics of two-fluid Couette flows with asymptotic modelsKalogirou, A; Cîmpeanu, R; Keaveny, EE; Papageorgiou, DT
30-Mar-2016A local scattering theory for the effects of isolated roughness on boundary-layer instability and transition: transmission as a coefficientWu, X; Dong, M
1-Feb-2016ClassTR: Classifying Within-Host Heterogeneity Based on Tandem Repeats with Application to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infections.Chindelevitch, L; Colijn, C; Moodley, P; Wilson, D; Cohen, T