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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2015A Boltzmann model for rod alignment and schooling fishCarlen, E; Carvalho, MC; Degond, P; Wennberg, B
21-Aug-2015Mass sperm motility is associated with fertility in sheepDavid, I; Kohnke, P; Lagriffoul, G; Praud, O; Plouarboué, F, et al
26-Aug-2015A multi-layer model for self-propelled disks interacting through alignment and volume exclusionDegond, P; Navoret, L
3-Nov-2015Continuum model for linked fibers with alignment interactionsDegond, P; Delebecque, F; Peurichard, D
7-Oct-2014Phase Transitions, Hysteresis, and Hyperbolicity for Self-Organized Alignment DynamicsDegond, P; Frouvelle, A; Liu, J-G
1-May-2013Trail formation based on directed pheromone depositionBoissard, E; Degond, P; Motsch, S
1-Sep-2013A Hierarchy of Heuristic-Based Models of Crowd DynamicsDegond, P; Appert-Rolland, C; Moussaid, M; Pettre, J; Theraulaz, G
1-Aug-2008Continuum limit of self-driven particles with orientation interactionDegond, P; Motsch, S
1-Jun-2008Large scale dynamics of the Persistent Turning Walker model of fish behaviorDegond, P; Motsch, S
1-Feb-2008A model for the formation and evolution of traffic jamsBerthelin, F; Degond, P; Delitala, M; Rascle, M