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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2004Euler-Poincare formulation and elliptic instability for nth-gradient fluidsFabijonas, BR; Holm, DD
2-Jul-2016Weak dual pairs and jetlet methods for ideal incompressible fluid models in n >= 2 dimensionsCotter, CJ; Eldering, J; Holm, DD; Jacobs, HO; Meier, DM
1-Jan-2012Invariant Higher-Order Variational ProblemsGay-Balmaz, F; Holm, DD; Meier, DM; Ratiu, TS; Vialard, F-X
10-Aug-2007Complexified dynamical systemsBender, CM; Holm, DD; Hook, DW
1-Jul-2011Waltzing peakons and compacton pairs in a cross-coupled Camassa-Holm equationCotter, CJ; Holm, DD; Ivanov, RI; Percival, JR
1-Feb-2011The Momentum Map Representation of ImagesBruveris, M; Gay-Balmaz, F; Holm, DD; Ratiu, TS
11-Aug-2008A Euler–Poincaré framework for the multilayer Green–Nagdhi equationsPercival, JR; Cotter, CJ; Holm, DD
10-Aug-2007Complexified dynamical systems.Holm, DD; Hook, DW; Bender, CM
10-Mar-2003Nonlinear balance and exchange of stability in dynamics of solitons, peakons, ramps/cliffs and leftons in a 1+1 nonlinear evolutionary PDEHolm, DD; Staley, MF
1-Aug-2018Wave breaking for the Stochastic Camassa-Holm equationHolm, DD; Crisan, D; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council