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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Dec-2014Forecasting transitions in systems with high-dimensional stochastic complex dynamics: A linear stability analysis of the tangled nature modelCairoli, A; Piovani, D; Jensen, HJ
23-Jun-2014Quantifying 'causality' in complex systems: understanding transfer entropyRazak, FA; Jensen, HJ
21-Aug-2015An Entangled Model for Sustainability Indicators.Vázquez, P; Del Río, JA; Cedano, KG; Martínez, M; Jensen, HJ
6-Jan-2011Quiescence: a mechanism for escaping the effects of drug on cell populationsAlarcon, T; Jensen, HJ
6-Mar-2015Comparison of communities detection algorithms for multiplexLoe, CW; Jensen, HJ
25-Feb-2015Criticality as a signature of healthy neural systemsMassobrio, P; de Arcangelis, L; Pasquale, V; Jensen, HJ; Plenz, D
18-Jan-2012Connecting the microdynamics to the emergent macrovariables: self-organized criticality and absorbing phase transitions in the Deterministic Lattice Gas.Giometto, A; Jensen, HJ
21-Sep-2015On the relevance of q-distribution functions: The return time distribution of restricted random walkerZand, J; Tirnakli, U; Jensen, HJ
10-Jun-2016Linear stability theory as an early warning sign for transitions in high dimensional complex systemsPiovani, D; Grujic, J; Jensen, HJ
11-Mar-2010Record dynamics in antsRichardson, TO; Robinson, EJH; Christensen, K; Jensen, HJ; Franks, NR, et al