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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2015Modal and non-modal stability analysis of electrohydrodynamic flow with and without cross-flowZhang, M; Martinelli, F; Wu, J; Schmid, PJ; Quadrio, M
8-Apr-2015Stability of a moving radial liquid sheet: experimentsParamati, M; Tirumkudulu, MS; Schmid, PJ
1-Jan-2018Linearised dynamics and non-modal instability analysis of an impinging under-expanded supersonic jetKarami, S; Stegeman, PC; Theofilis, V; Schmid, PJ; Soria, J, et al
12-Apr-2018Description and detection of burst events in turbulent flowsSchmid, PJ; Garcia-Gutierrez, A; Jimenez, J; Jimenez, J
13-Nov-2017Stability analysis for n-periodic arrays of fluid systemsSchmid, PJ; Fosas de Pando, M; Peake, N
30-Aug-2016Linear control of oscillator and amplifier flowsSchmid, PJ; Sipp, D
1-Dec-2015Experimental investigation of non-normality of thermoacoustic interaction in an electrically heated Rijke tubeMariappan, S; Sujith, RI; Schmid, PJ
21-Feb-2017Linear and nonlinear dynamics of pulsatile channel flowPier, B; Schmid, PJ
17-Feb-2016Uncertainty propagation in model extraction by system identification and its implication for control designDovetta, N; Schmid, PJ; Sipp, D
21-Nov-2018Adjoint-based parametric sensitivity analysis for swirling M-flamesSkene, CS; Schmid, PJ; Commission of the European Communities