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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Apr-2015Bibliographic search with Mark-and-RecaptureLoe, CW; Jensen, HJ
29-Mar-2016The likely determines the unlikelyYan, X; Minnhagen, P; Jensen, HJ
6-Apr-2016Model analysis of the link between interest rates and crashesBroga, KM; Viegas, E; Jensen, HJ
17-Dec-2018Network characterization of the Entangled Model for sustainability indicators. Analysis of the network properties for scenariosVazquez, P; Del Rio, JA; Cedano, KG; Van Dijk, J; Jensen, HJ
30-Oct-2014Synchronization by small time delaysPruessner, G; Cheang, S; Jensen, HJ
25-Apr-2011Ants in a labyrinth: A statistical mechanics approach to the division of labourRichardson, TO; Christensen, K; Franks, NR; Jensen, HJ; Sendova-Franks, AB
8-Aug-2008Emergence of network structure in models of collective evolution and evolutionary dynamicsJensen, HJ
1-Oct-2009Global and local information in traffic congestionPetri, G; Jensen, HJ; Polak, JW
17-Apr-2015Precise calculation of a bond percolation transition and survival rates of nodes in a complex networkKawamoto, H; Takayasu, H; Jensen, HJ; Takayasu, M
10-Sep-2014The dynamics of mergers and acquisitions: ancestry as the seminal determinantJensen, HJ; Viegas, E; Cockburn, SP; West, GB