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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2017Cooperative dynamics of neighborhood economic status in citiesSahasranaman, A; Jensen, HJ
11-Jul-2017Appearance of unstable monopoly state caused by selective and concentrative mergers in business networksGoto, H; Viegas, E; Jensen, HJ; Takayasu, H; Takayasu, M
1-Aug-2018Smoluchowski equation for networks: merger induced intermittent giant node formation and degree gapGoto, H; Viegas, E; Jensen, HJ; Takayasu, H; Takayasu, M
15-Jan-2018Avalanches and generalized memory associativity in a network model for conscious and unconscious mental functioningSiddiqui, M; Wedemann, RS; Jensen, HJ
10-Oct-2018Ethnicity and wealth: the dynamics of dual segregationSahasranaman, A; Jensen, HJ
6-Dec-2016Tangent map intermittency as an approximate analysis of intermittency in a high dimensional fully stochastic dynamical system: The Tangled Nature modelDiaz-Ruelas, A; Jensen, HJ; Piovani, D; Robledo, A; Commission of the European Communities
9-Dec-2014The Causal Inference of Cortical Neural Networks during Music ImprovisationsJensen, HJ; Wan, X; Crüts, B
25-Feb-2015Criticality as a signature of healthy neural systemsMassobrio, P; de Arcangelis, L; Pasquale, V; Jensen, HJ; Plenz, D
24-Dec-2014Forecasting transitions in systems with high-dimensional stochastic complex dynamics: A linear stability analysis of the tangled nature modelCairoli, A; Piovani, D; Jensen, HJ
23-Jun-2014Quantifying 'causality' in complex systems: understanding transfer entropyRazak, FA; Jensen, HJ