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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2011Protein multi-scale organization through graph partitioning and robustness analysis: application to the myosin-myosin light chain interaction.Delmotte, A; Tate, EW; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
1-Jul-2011Robustness of regular ring lattices based on natural connectivityWu, J; Barahona, M; Tan, Y-J; Deng, H-Z
1-Jul-2011Waltzing peakons and compacton pairs in a cross-coupled Camassa-Holm equationCotter, CJ; Holm, DD; Ivanov, RI; Percival, JR
25-Jul-2011Flow graphs: Interweaving dynamics and structureLambiotte, R; Sinatra, R; Delvenne, J-C; Evans, TS; Barahona, M, et al
14-Nov-2011Communication: Limitations of the stochastic quasi-steady-state approximation in open biochemical reaction networksThomas, P; Straube, AV; Grima, R
3-Jun-2011Analysis of complex metabolic behavior through pathway decompositionIp, K; Colijn, C; Lun, DS
11-Oct-2011Instabilities of bosonic spin currents in optical latticesHui, HY; Barnett, R; Sensarma, R; Sarma, SD