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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2016Stability of an infinite swept wing boundary layer with surface wavinessThomas, C; Mughal, MS; Gipon, M; Ashworth, R; , et al
11-Feb-2016Integrability of dominated decompositions on three-dimensional manifoldsLuzzatto, S; Tureli, S; WAR, K
19-Apr-2016Influence of intermolecular forces at critical-point wedge fillingMalijevsky, A; Parry, AO;
10-Aug-2016On the energy-based variational model for vector magnetic hysteresisBarrett, JW; Prigozhin, L; Sokolovsky, V; Zirka, SE
5-Aug-2016Flow-Based Network Analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans ConnectomeBacik, KA; Schaub, MT; Beguerisse-Diaz, M; Billeh, YN; Barahona, M, et al
18-Oct-2016Geometry of minimizers for the interaction energy with mildly repulsive potentialsCarrillo de la Plata, J; Figalli, A; Patacchini, FS;
6-Jul-2016Surface-plasmon resonances of arbitrarily shaped nanometallic structures in the small-screening-length limitSchnitzer, O; Giannini, V; Maier, SA; Craster, RV; , et al
26-Aug-2016On homoclinic orbits to center manifolds of elliptic-hyperbolic equilibria in Hamiltonian systemsGiles, W; Lamb, J; Turaev, D
22-Sep-2016Numerical simulation of nonlinear continuity equations by evolving diffeomorphisms, to appear in J. Comp. Phys.Carrillo de la Plata, J; Ranetbauer, H; Wolfram, MT;
26-May-2016A theoretical model for capacitance measurement of liquid films in an annular flowAtkinson, C; Huang, R