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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Nov-2016Geometry induced capillary emptyingRascón, C; Parry, AO; Aarts, DGAL
25-Mar-2016Localized vortex/Tollmien-Schlichting wave interaction states in plane Poiseuille flowDempsey, LJ; Deguchi, K; Hall, P; Walton, AG;
13-Jul-2016Complete prewettingParry, AO; Kalliadasis, S; Yatsyshin, P;
1-May-2016Variance reduction using nonreversible Langevin samplersDuncan, AB; Pavliotis, GA; Lelievre, T; , et al
1-Dec-2016Transit times and mean ages for nonautonomous and autonomous compartmental systemsRasmussen, M; Hastings, A; Smith, MJ; Agusto, FB; Chen-Charpentier, BM, et al
25-Mar-2016Analytical formulas for longitudinal slip lengths over unidirectional superhydrophobic surfaces with curved menisciCrowdy, DG;
15-Jan-2016Asymptotics of surface-plasmon redshift saturation at subnanometric separationsSchnitzer, O; Giannini, V; Craster, RV; Maier, SA; , et al
23-Nov-2016Modeling Enzyme Processivity Reveals that RNA-Seq Libraries Are Biased in Characteristic and Correctable WaysArcher, N; Walsh, MD; Shahrezaei, V; Hebenstreit, D
10-Feb-2016Embedded discontinuous Galerkin transport schemes with localised limitersCotter, CJ; Kuzmin, D; , et al
1-May-2016A generic hybrid model for the simulation of three-dimensional bulk elastodynamics for use in nondestructive evaluationChoi, W; Skelton, EA; Pettit, J; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV, et al