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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jun-2010Interacting Hofstadter spectrum of atoms in an artificial gauge fieldPowell, S; Barnett, R; Sensarma, R; Das Sarma, S
18-Nov-2010Stochastic theory of large-scale enzyme-reaction networks: finite copy number corrections to rate equation modelsThomas, P; Straube, AV; Grima, R
18-Oct-2010Abelian Manna model on two fractal latticesHuynh, HN; Chew, LY; Pruessner, G
7-Apr-2010On (non-)local-connectivity of some Julia setsDezotti, A; Roesch, P
15-Sep-2010Combinatorial rigidity for some infinitely renormalizable unicritical polynomialsCheraghi, D
25-Jul-2010Large-activation-energy theory for premixed combustion under the influence of enthalpy fluctuationsWu, X; Moin, P
16-Nov-2010Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequalities via fast diffusion flowsCarlen, EA; Carrillo, JA; Loss, M
8-Dec-2010The square root depth wave equationsCotter, CJ; Holm, DD; Percival, JR
14-Dec-2010Connecting variability in global transcription rate to mitochondrial variabilityDas Neves, RP; Jones, NS; Andreu, L; Gupta, R; Enver, T, et al
3-Feb-2010The Effect of Spatially Inhomogeneous Extracellular Electric Fields on NeuronsAnastassiou, CA; Montgomery, SM; Barahona, M; Buzsaki, G; Koch, C