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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2012Conditional regularity of solutions of the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations and implications for intermittencyGibbon, JD
30-May-2015Competition, coinfection and strain replacement in models of Bordetella PertussisColijn, C; Ayabina, D; Trotter, C; Turner, K; Nicoli, E
1-May-2013Trail formation based on directed pheromone depositionBoissard, E; Degond, P; Motsch, S
12-Jan-2017A biochemical machine for the interconversion of mutual information and workMcGrath, T; Jones, NS; Wolde, PRT; Ouldridge, TE; , et al
22-Oct-2015Non-conforming multiscale finite element method for stokes flows in heterogeneous media. Part I: Methodologies and numerical experimentsMuljadi, B; Narski, J; Lozinski, A; Degond, P
6-Dec-2016Erratum: Numerical computations of the dynamics of fluidic membranes and vesicles [Phy. Rev. E 92, 052704, (2015)]Barrett, JW; Garcke, H; Nurnberg, R
1-Mar-2015Modeling guided elastic waves in generally anisotropic media using a spectral collocation methodQuintanilla, FH; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV
28-Nov-2017Asymptotic network models of subwavelength metamaterials formed by closely packed photonic and phononic crystalsVanel, AL; Schnitzer, O; Craster, RV;
6-Apr-2013Risk factor-dependent dynamics of atopic dermatitis: modelling multi-scale regulation of epithelium homeostasisDominguez-Huettinger, E; Ono, M; Barahona, M; Tanaka, RJ
8-Apr-2015Stability of a moving radial liquid sheet: experimentsParamati, M; Tirumkudulu, MS; Schmid, PJ